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Vice Admiral
John H S McAnally


Admiral John McAnally served on the Active List of the Royal Navy from 1962-2001 including exchange with the United States and Royal Australian Navies and two years as Navigating Commander of the Royal Yacht Britannia. In all he served in 17 ships and commanded 5 of them. Having been Director of the Naval Staff as Commodore, he was promoted to Rear Admiral. On taking up the appointment of Flag Officer Training and Recruiting and Chief Executive of the Naval Recruiting and Training Agency in January 1996, he led development, through contractual negotiation to its first two years of implementation, of the innovative Partnering Arrangement with Flagship Training, a Joint Venture Company specially formed for the purpose. Since leaving his final active list post as Commandant of the Royal College of Defence Studies in 2001, VAdm McAnally has been Naval then Senior Military Adviser to Flagship Training Ltd and VT Flagship, an Independent Chairman of Selection Boards for Retired Armed Forces Personnel taking up posts as Civil Servants within the Ministry of Defence, National President of The Royal Naval Association and President of the International Maritime Confederation.

He is a Younger Brother of Trinity House, a Member of the Honourable Company of Master Mariners, and belongs to three golf clubs. Admiral McAnally joined the Naval and Military Club in 1989 and is the great nephew of the Club’s WW2 Chairman. He was co-opted to the Board in 2009 and elected Director in 2010.